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The Innovation

Our journey starting from the beginning

We began solving problems within the intellectual property industry before we became a multi-industry platform of solutions. Our quest began when our clients grew tired of the “world’s best” companies giving their customers incomplete, incorrect, and nonactionable data. They wanted better, faster, and more actionable data to make decisions.
In response, we built a system centered on complete, correct, actionable, and real-time data results. We also trained systems to make decisions to implement those results. Once done, we realized our process and patent-pending technology could solve many material problems plaguing businesses in multiple industries and lead to significantly enhanced profitability for our clients.

The IPW Process™

The methodologies behind our innovation

The Works

The detail we provide for industry needs

After years of research, the systems we created solved problems in real time for global brand management and innovation. We have now expanded these systems to solve problems and materially enhance profitability across many business industries.

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Originally created to help manage brands, IPW Systems technology now solves problems in multiple industries.
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Q1 2018

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