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The IPW Process™ uses a big data platform of solutions to provide companies the opportunity to revolutionize how they search, enforce, and manage brand, trademark, and other intellectual property related information. With a proven system, we are so confident in our technology that we dedicated an entire company called BrandPDQ for brand related solutions.

The IPW Process™

“The professionals at IPW are skilled in building value as well as creating strategies to retain and enhance ideas and assets brought to the table.”

Did you know?

41% of brand owners surveyed experienced up to 10 instances of infringement in the last year.
Don’t let that be you.

*Based on 2017 Global Trademark Professionals Survey.

Proven Success

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Based on the billions of records of data we process with each search, we provide virtually instanteous insight and analysis into your brand. Our results let you know when to dig deeper and when to move on which allows you to do more, faster.
Our proprietary algorithms engineered with more than 60 years of combined intellectual property law expertise provide insight into three critical areas: Level of Use, Risk of Challenge, and and Risk of Rejection.

We utilize these systems daily for the largest home services provider in North America. Through the use of our systems, this company is able to manage thousands of unique intellectual property assets, and monetize, police, and defend them at a fraction of the cost that they used to pay with a dramatically improved ROI.

Marketing and brand management with solutions that work.

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