We began solving problems within the intellectual property industry before we became a multi-industry platform of solutions. Our quest began when we grew tired of the “world’s best” companies giving their customers incomplete, incorrect, and nonactionable data. In response, we built a system centered on complete, correct, actionable, and real-time data results. Once done, we realized our process could solve many problems plaguing businesses in multiple industries.


It’s no secret the future of the audit industry is changing rapidly. The availability of Big Data is leading to an increased need for adaptation. Our IPW Process™ allows auditors to access any data to verify the claim of management. This provides validity to your audit reports and allows your industry to thrive. We provide you the access to the data you need… Read More


The emergence of blockchain means the banking industry must make innovative decisions in order to survive. We have a system that enables the industry to revolutionize security not only in present-time but future fraud as well. We can find cyber fraud about misuse of a financial institution’s logos, names, domain names, website images and snapshots, and advertising copy anywhere on the web… Read More

Brand Management

The IPW Process™ uses a big data platform of solutions to provide companies the opportunity to revolutionize how they search, enforce, and manage brand, trademark, and other intellectual property related information. With a proven system, we are so confident in our technology that we dedicated an entire company called BrandPDQ for brand related solutions…. Read More


The finance industry has a unique need to materially reduce and specifically reduce risk across areas such as intellectual property, IT, HR, Legal Compliance, & Finance. The IPW Process™ will assist with better IP asset management across the entire global portfolio, pinpoint appropriate premium and interest rates based on precise risk factors, and ensure underlying asset security is maintained… Read More

Global Manufacturing

Our technology allows the global manufacturing industry to organize its data, documents, and communication throughout its global supply chain. Once this data is loaded, all records can be queried instantaneously. This will allow you to manage and cross-reference all intellectual property and confidential data across the global supply chain. You can also generate analytical reports on a department or person’s document usage. We can provide secure levels of access to confidential data and communication and track their use with layered security to ensure that cyber-attack risks are mitigated. Another feature we include is the ability to monitor and police user access and privileges… Read More


Government has typically lagged behind businesses in terms of technology and innovation. The IPW Process™ can help government officials improve their current technology systems by identifying current fraudsters and future fraudsters. Brand pirating can be identified and erased with our Process. By utilizing our tools, state businesses will be able to protect and enforce their brands resulting in business growth and more opportunities… Read More


Insurance risk and pricing methods are areas the industry is constantly striving to improve. Our IPW Process™ allows the insurance industry to gain better insight into the “big picture”… Read More


The legal industry has one player in the data game. Our IPW Process™ will revolutionize how that data is collected
and analyzed… Read More


The IPW Process™ has myriad uses in the M&A space. Using Big Data, you can analyze companies you already own for marked improvement or help you analyze target companies to understand each targets real value. Either use significantly enhances your ROI.. Read More


The IPW Process™ gives the medical industry the ability to data mine and search patient records in a HIPAA compliant fashion, including HCAHPS survey data. This is accomplished through loading all records (database bumps, raw data, & PDFs from multiple sources) into a database thus giving the industry the ability to have automated data mining and searching based on codes. This searching permits users to determine trends and create statistics necessary to analyze the data. Our IPW Process™ also allows query of all records instantaneously. The system can be customized across most hospital platforms to create comprehensive datasets for analysis. Importantly, the industry will be able to generate medical analytics based on a population’s actions instead of samples. The system can plug into the webpage any data set desired in a HIPAA compliant fashion for any basis of review. Finally, alerts will be sent to indicate certain changes in perceived outcomes… Read More