It is no secret that the future of the auditing industry is changing rapidly. The availability of Big Data is leading to an increased need for companies to be able to adapt quickly and efficiently. Our IPW Process™ allows auditors to access sets of data in real time using Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. This development enables our users to verify the claims of management in multiple asset classes at the desk top. This provides validity to your audit reports and allows your industry to thrive. We provide you the access to the data you need when you need it.


The finance industry has the unique mandate of materially reducing risk across areas such as intellectual property, IT, HR, Legal Compliance, and Finance. The IPW Process™ will assist with better asset management across the entire global portfolio, pinpoint appropriate premium and interest rates based on precise risk factors, and ensure that underlying asset security is maintained.

The IPW Process™

Did you know?

One of the most pressing challenges within the auditing industry is technological disruption.
How do you adapt to the shift?

*Based on 2016 Audit Trends, Forbes.

Identify relevant data and know how to analyze it against trillions of data points in real time.
Our technological systems provide auditing and finance solutions.

The Ideal Solution

A real-life case example
A global energy company was analyzing auditing data on intangible assets from an acquisition. Using the IPW Process™ and patent-pending technology, they were able to discover the underlying weaknesses within the asset valuations in a single day.

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