The emergence of blockchain, online banking, and global finance conducted via the World Wide Web means the banking industry must make innovative decisions in order to survive. We have a system that enables this industry to revolutionize security in the present and in the future. The IPW Process™ can identify cyber fraud before it happens and while it is happening. It also has the capacity to compile and provide supporting documentation and evidence. We have the ability to identify the misuse of a financial institution’s logos, names, domain names, website images and snapshots, and advertising copy anywhere on the web globally and in real time.

The IPW Process™

Do you want to prevent cyber fraud on the web before it happens?
With the IPW Process™ you can.

Did you know?

75% of banks are increasing spending on security and almost 60% of banks are increasing spending on data analytics.
How can your bank become more secure?

*Based on an online poll of 50 bank chief information officers and senior technology executives fielded by SourceMedia.

The Ideal Solution

A real-life case example
IPW Systems was contacted by a regional bank whose customers had been experiencing phishing attempts through fraudulent copies of its website and advertising. Utilizing our patent-pending technology, we were able to identify the sources of the prior fraudulent attacks, the sources of the fraudulent attacks that were currently operating, and those sources that appeared to be planning such fraud in future. We were able to do this in every country in the world from which the attacks were initiated. We were also able to identify the web addresses, ip addresses, and owners of the sites from which the attacks were launched. We can do this daily and in real-time, which prevents fraudsters from being able to launch future attacks.
The banking industry will be subject to increasing innovation these next few years. Will you be ready? Will your bank be a leader?

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