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The IPW Process™ can solve the most pervasive problem in manufacturing today: how to do more, with less, faster, and better. We do this by identifying specific problems to be solved, breaking them down into component parts, analyzing data to identify potential answers or improvements and automating solutions.

Our technology allows the global manufacturing industry to organize its data, documents, and communication throughout its global supply chain. Once this data is loaded, all records can be queried instantaneously. This will allow you to manage and cross-reference all intellectual property and confidential data across the global supply chain. You can also generate analytical reports on a department or person’s document usage. We can provide secure levels of access to confidential data and communication and track their use with layered security to ensure that cyber-attack risks are mitigated.

The IPW Process™

Did you know?

Manufacturers have experienced tremendous growth over the past couple decades, making them more “lean” and helping them become more competitive globally.
How do you increase your productivity even more?

*Based on National Association of Manufacturers Newsroom.

Learn what your data can tell you, and teach your systems how to maximize their productivity and quality.
Global manufacturing has the opportunity to explode with innovation.

The Ideal Solution

A real-life case example
We applied our process and patent-pending technology to a global beverage company. Their profitability quadrupled and they recently sold for 42 times EBIDA.

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