Government agencies (outside of the defense arena) have typically lagged behind businesses in terms of technology and innovation. The IPW Process™ can help government officials improve their current technology systems by identifying current fraudsters and future fraudsters. Government agencies are experiencing increased amounts of fraud and impersonation on the web. This results in massive losses of both data and resources. Utilizing the IPW Process™, these can be identified in real time and predicted in advance with a high degree of accuracy. Our systems can also identify controlled and prohibited images for law enforcement such as child pornography and images relating to human trafficking and consumer fraud.

The IPW Process™

Did you know?

Understanding that a risk-based approach is best to aid in governments’ informed decision making, technology is now being used not only for defense, but detection.
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*Based on Forbes Top 6 Digital Transformation Trends in Government.

Proven Success

A real-life case study
Working in conjunction with law enforcement, we demonstrated the ability of IPW System’s technology to identify images posted on any website or stored on any web server anywhere in the world in real-time. This application has particular implications for identifying child pornographers and fraudsters, and it serves to significantly decrease the time and expense that law enforcement is forced to spend in order to cut down on such crimes.

Working with another government department, we have demonstrated our system’s ability to compare registered business names and company names against those already registered Federally or in a given state. This helps in determining on the front-end whether granting the registration of a business or company name would result in inadvertent trademark infringement.

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