Using IPW patent-pending technology, our systems address five areas of general business insurance risk. They are as follows: cyber fraud; reputational risk; false advertising; intellectual property; and domain name risk. Our systems also allow underwriters or prospective insureds to ascertain the level of risk they are currently experiencing in each of the above categories. This allows underwriters to price insurance premiums on a customized and accurate basis for these categories, which benefits both the insurance companies and their clients.

The IPW Process™

Did you know?

The industry standard is already shifting while companies decide to use big data to learn insurance risks and pricing.

*Based on Financial Times, Insurance and the big data technology revolution.

By utilizing big data, companies in the industry will have capabilities to better align business needs.

The Ideal Solution

A real-life case example
A captive insurance company is trying to understand the prospective risk of their pool of insureds in order to effectively price their packages. By implementing IPW System’s patent-pending technology, they are able to evaluate their insureds on an annualized basis so that the insured can be apprised of risk and take active steps to mitigate them prior to claims being generated. This reduction on claims will result in a significant reduction in premiums for those insureds who participate in the program.

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