The IPW Process™ has myriad uses in the M&A space. Using Big Data, you can analyze companies you already own for marked improvement or help you analyze target companies to understand each targets real value. Either use significantly enhances your ROI.

The IPW Process™

Did you know?

Though M&A deals have been in decline in 2017 compared to years past, the sectors that have seen the smallest decreases in M&A deal activity have been: Health Technology, Finance, Miscellaneous, Government, and Energy Minerals.
What’s your plan?

*Based on 2017 FactSet Research Systems Inc.

Auditing and finance solutions by technological systems created to manage data.

The Ideal Solution

A real-life case example
A small global manufacturing company with no registered intellectual property or tangible assets approached IPW Systems with a plan to grow and sell their business. Using IPW Systems’ patent-pending technology we designed a global strategy of asset creation and protection. This resulted in a sale to the second largest global company in their field at a 24 times EBIDA multiple.

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