The IPW Process™ gives the medical industry the ability to data mine and search patient records in a HIPAA compliant fashion, including HCAHPS survey data. This is accomplished through loading all records (database bumps, raw data, & PDFs from multiple sources) into a database thus giving the industry the ability to have automated data mining and searching based on codes. This searching permits users to determine trends and create statistics necessary to analyze the data. Our IPW Process™ also allows query of all records instantaneously. The system can be customized across most hospital platforms to create comprehensive datasets for analysis. Importantly, the industry will be able to generate medical analytics based on a population’s actions instead of samples. The system can plug into the webpage any data set desired in a HIPAA compliant fashion for any basis of review. Finally, alerts will be sent to indicate certain changes in perceived outcomes.

The IPW Process™

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One medical technology patent is filed every 38 minutes in Europe.
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*Based on Medical Technology Statistics by Capterra.

Proven Success

A real-life case study
A medical device and analytics company approached IPW Systems with a problem they needed solved. Their device and testing methodology was expensive to implement for patients, and hospitals were reluctant to purchase it unless they understood how it applied to their unique patient population. IPW Systems was able to design a methodology to analyze discrete hospital patient populations. Based on this, the company could be able to determine the suitability of their device for specific patient populations. This addressed both their issue, as well as the issue of the hospitals that were interested in becoming potential clients.
Patient record management made easy.

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